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Petr Kolář

petr-kolarPetr-Kolář-pohybPetr Kolář (born in 1972)

After graduating in Brno in 1989 he immediately joined the Prague Chamber Ballet, where he works with some specific breaks until today. Here he created many dance roles under the conduct of Pavel Šmok, from whom he gained most of his art experiences.

During 1993-1994 he completed his basic military service in Army art group Praha. In 1995 he was appraised by Thálie prize for extraordinary stage performance in dance creation SEUL Jacques Brell in choreography of Petr Zuska.

During 1996-1997 he acted as a soloist in National Theatre in Brno and in 1999 he started to work in Bratislava dance theatre, where he remained until 2001. After this engagement he appeared in State Opera Praha where he worked as a soloist of the ballet until 2007. He further cooperated as of 2005 with ProART company.

He cooperated with Czech and foreign choreographers: Jiří Kylián, Libor Vaculík, Petr Zuska, Petr Tyc, Jan Kodet, Gerhard Bohner, Petr de Ruiter, Robert North, Ivan Liška, Carolin Mercade, Jan Ďurovčik, Bill Young, Christopher Steel, Petr Koželuh, Martin Dvořák, Jelena Ivanovič, Zdeněk Prokeš, Lucie Holánková, Peter Mika, Olga Cobos, Jessica Iwanson, Šárka Ondrišová, Daniel Ezralow, Jochen Ulrich and of course Pavel Šmok.

At the moment he is the member of the National Theatre in Prague. He acts in Prague Chamber Ballet as soloist and assistant of the Pavel Šmok choreographies (From My Life, Sinfonietta, Stabat).

Photo: Jiří Thýn