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On an Overgrown Path on festivals Prague Classic and Ameropa

16. 07. 2018

A special musical arrangement of a choreography „On an Overgrown Path“ with a chamber orchestra let by the Indian conductor Debashish Chaudhuri will be performed within Prague Classic and Ameropa festivals. The first performance will take place on Friday 20th July from at 8:30pm in the Courtyard of
Castle Brandýs nad Labem, second on Saturday 28th July from 7pm in the Convent of St. Agnes Monastery in Prague and the last repeat on Sunday 4th August at 8pm in the former Cistercian Monastery in Kutná Hora-Sedlec.
Tickets available:


Prague Summer Dance Course

04. 06. 2018

Join Prague Summer Dance Course!
Join the course of classical and contemporary dance with teachers of the Prague Chamber Ballet for non-professional dancers, students, pedagogues. Registration is possible till 15th June on the email: Payment information, schedule and detailed information about the pedagogues you can find here.

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Symbiosis – a new premiere of PKB

17. 05. 2018

The latest review of the premiere „Symbiosis“ by doc. Marcela Benoniová you can find here. Don´t miss the repeat of the choreography of Lukáš Timulák „Entwine“ on May 20th at 19h in the
Vinohrady Theatre Prague.
Tickets at

PKB_Chvilka POEzie (10)

A Glimpse of POEtry in Zlín

04. 05. 2018

Don´t miss a dark slapstick comedy „A Glimpse of POEtry“ by Marek Svobodník on 6th May at 6pm at Municipal Theatre Zlín (CZ) within TanecValmez.
Tickets available at:

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Interview with Lukáš Timulák

23. 04. 2018

“In the new choreography I am dealing with elements that are in constant independence and exchange and are constantly blending. The nature, human beings and their living space.“ Lukáš Timulák is a Slovac dancer and choreographer. A talented artist came out of Kylian’hatchery few years ago. He worked several years for the Netherlands Dance Theater. At the moment, he is working on the choreography „Entwine“, a performance which will be shown for the first time at Vinohrady Theatre Prague on 29 th April.
Click here to read the complete interview with Lukáš Timulák.
Tickets available at:

Jiří Pokorný

Interview with Jiří Pokorný

16. 04. 2018

“My inspiration comes through hard work, creative activities and constant exploration”. Jiří Pokorný is one of the most successful Czech dancers and, more recently, also choreographers. He succeeded not only home but also abroad. He has been a member of the Netherlands Dance Theatre for many years. At the moment, he is working on the choreography for Svět Sedmikrásek (The World of Daisies), a performance which will be shown for the first time at Divadlo na Vinohradech (Vinohrady Theatre) on 29th April.
Click here to read the complete interview with Jiří Pokorný.
Tickets available at:

web PKB novinka

SYMBIOSIS – a new premiere in choreography by Jiří Pokorný and Lukáš Timulák

23. 03. 2018

New original choreographies made for the Prague Chamber Ballet are being prepared by Lukáš Timulák and Jiří Pokorný, successful dancers and choreographers of the Netherlands Dans Theatre. The premiere will take place under the kind patronage of Mr Jiří Kilián, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr Kees J. R. Klompenhouwer and Minister of Culture of Czech Republic Ilja Šmíd, on Sunday 29th April at the Vinohrady Theatre in Prague as a part of the International Dance Day.
Purchase tickets at:

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Audition for dancers

25. 02. 2018

We are looking for professional dancers with training and education in contemporary and classical dance. Audition take place on Sunday 25th March 2018 at 10am at studio Contemporary in Prague. For more information go here.

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Repeat of the performance „Requiem of infinity“ in Prague!

07. 02. 2018

Do not miss a single repeat of the latest premiere of „Requiem of infinity“ in Prague on February 18th at 7pm at the Vinohrady Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online at We look forward to you!

PF 2018 (1)

PF 2018

23. 12. 2017

We wish you peaceful and merry Christmas and a good New year 2018! Enjoy many dance and theater experiences!

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Documentary portrait “Phenomenon Šmok”

02. 12. 2017

The documentary portrait of Pavel Šmok, the founder and long-time artistic director of the Prague Chamber Ballet, will be premiered on December 7th at 7pm at Image Theater in Prague. Within an evening will be also Šmok´s choreographies „On the Overgrown Path“ and a „Wild Dove“ performed.
Tickets can be purchased online:

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Last repeat of Mystery of Time in Prague

14. 11. 2017

Don´t miss the opportunity to see the last repeat of the successful choreography “Mystery of Time” in Prague! It takes place on 21 November at 8 p.m. at the Ponec Theatre. Tickets available on-line at Book your tickets by email at or by telephone on: +420 724 123 882.

Metamorphic_Michal Hančovský (2)

Metamorphic at the Incheon International Festival of Contemporary Dance in Seoul

30. 10. 2017

This week, the duet Metamorphic will be performed at the Incheon International Festival of Contemporary Dance in Seoul. This unique presentation of Czech dance art will take place on 5 th  November at the Dalnuri Theatre in the Bupyeong Art Centre together with the performances of several other international companies. A workshop for students of Korean conservatories led by Linda Svidró will also take place. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Rekviem za nekonečno

The premiere of REQUIEM FOR INFINITY is coming up soon

14. 10. 2017

The Czech premiere of Requiem for Infinity by the choreographer Tom Rychetský will take place on Sunday 22 nd October 2017 at 7 pm at the Vinohrady Theatre in Prague. In addition to the new production above you can also enjoy two other performances in choreography by Tom Rychetský (Unspoken Silent) and Marek Svobodník (A Glimpse of POEtry).

Tickets available at:

orez PKB Metamorphic 109 menší rozlišení

Premiere of the duet Metamorphic

22. 09. 2017

A new contemporary piece choreographed by Martina Hajdyla Lacová Metamorphic” will be presented at the Ponec Theatre on Thursday the 5th October at 8 p.m. The duet was created under artistic supervision of Andrej Petrovič and draws its inspiration freely from the work of the sculptor August Rodin who shaped his sculptures fascinated by the human being, nature and dance.
You can purchase tickets at:
Ticket reservations:


Linda Svidró Schneider took the position of the ballet master of PKB

20. 08. 2017

Linda Svidró Schneider took the position of the ballet master of PKB. She has extensive professional experience from Czech Republic, but also from foreign ensembles such as Nederlands Dans Theater II. She will lead training and rehearsals, and will also work as a choreographer assistant. We look forward to new cooperation. Keep her thumbs up!

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PKB at festival Prague, Classic …

29. 07. 2017

Don´t miss some exceptional performances within the International Music Festival Prague, Classic … The performances takes place on 29.7. and 3.8. at 7:30pm, St.Agnes convent in Prague and 6.8. at 7:30pm in the former Cistercian convent in Kutna Hora-Sedlec.

For more information: Tickets available at


Audition for artistic director

21. 06. 2017

Audition for the position of artistic director of PCB was actually announced. Candidates can apply until 31.8.2017. The full text of an audition can be found here.

Mysterium času (3)

Mystery of Time will be presented in Busan, South Korea

25. 05. 2017

Next week we are leaving for South Korea to participate at prestigious International dance festival in Busan. On program is Mystery of Time as a part of the final gala evening a Busan Cinema Center. As part of the open air program we perform choreography „This is not a kiss!“

For more information go to:


3 Czech Quartets with Zemlinsky Quartet in Prague

16. 05. 2017

Don´t miss a unique evening of „3 Czech Quartets“ in cooperation with the Zemlinsky Quartet on Sunday, May 21 at 7 pm at the Vinohrady Theatre in Prague. Come and enjoy the choreography of Mário Radačovský, Hana Polanská and Pavel Šmok. Tickets can be purchased at or

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Mystery of Time at Ponec Theatre

03. 05. 2017

Don´t miss the second repeat of Mystery of Time on 13th May at 20pm at Ponec Theatre! Book your places on time at

Náhodná setkání (10)

We will celebrate the International Dance Day soon – on the 28 April

24. 04. 2017

In this year, just as in the previous ones, we will actively participate in and support the International Dance Day. You can join us on Friday 28 April in front of the St. Wenceslas Church in Prague 5 where the choreography of our talented dancers Jitka Tůmová and Patrik Čermák “Chance Encounters” will be performed at 2.45 pm. Come and join us!

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Audition for dancers

13. 03. 2017

We are looking for professional and creative dancers with training and education in contemporary and classical dance with excellent techniques. Audition take place on Monday 3rd April 2017 at 10am at studio Contemporary in Prague.
For more information click here.

Teď na druhou_Jitka Tůmová_Patrik Čermák (2)

Don´t miss out on the repeats of Mystery of Time in Prague

27. 02. 2017

The first Prague repeat of the successful premiere Mystery of Time will take place on Sunday 5th March at 7pm at Vinohrady Theatre Prague. The original choreographies were created by Hana Polanská Turečková, Marek Svobodník and Ondřej Vinklát. The second repeat will take place on 21st May at 7pm also at Vinohrady Theatre Prague.

Tickets available:


Who is the most powerful in the world? Love, of course!

08. 02. 2017

We prepared a new series of performances – a fairy tale for children and adults “Who is the Most Powerful in the World?”. The first performance starts on the 23 rd February at 10 a.m. in the Theatre Hall of the Municipal Library in Prague. For further information and dates of performances click here.
Ticket reservations:
Purchase of tickets: ticket office of the Municipal Library, tel.: +420 222 113 555 or at


The Prague Chamber Ballet Friends Club is here for you!

07. 01. 2017

Are you interested in what is happening behind the scene of one of the most important Czech dance companies? Would you like to book the best seats in the auditorium? Or meet the dancers in person? Become a member of the Prague Chamber Ballet Friends Club and get several advantages at once! The membership can also be a good present for your loved ones!

For more information please go to club/


PF 2017

30. 12. 2016

Thank you for your support in 2016. In the new year we wish you health, happiness, extraordinary dance experiences and a lot of positive energy! Stay with us in 2017.


World premiere Mystery of Time

09. 12. 2016

Come and spend with us a unique evening filled with dance. Treat yourself to a pleasant last advent Sunday! On 18 th  December from 7:00 pm at the Vinohrady Theatre in Prague. You can enjoy the world premiere of the „Mystery of time“ which will present the works of 3 talented Czech choreographers – Hana Polanská Turečková, Marek Svobodník and Ondřej Vinklát. The common motif of all these three artists was the phenomenon of time and they will present their different views on it. All three of them were also inspired by original Czech music such as Miloslav Kabeláč’s symphonies (Mystery of Time), Bedřich Nikodém’s and Jaroslav Ježek’s musical hit songs (A Glimpse of POEtry) and contemporary music by Marek Pavlíček composed for the production titled „Now²“.
Tickets available at:
On-line theatre telephone line free of charge: 800 900 888 (bookings, information desk, ticket office)

Stavovské divadlo 18.10.2015

Competition – win 2 tickets for Metaphors of Dance

26. 11. 2016

Take part in a competition – you can win 2 tickets for the ballet production Metaphors of Dance which will take place on Sunday 4 th December at the Ponec Theatre in Prague. If you guess right which of our dancers will perform in the role of “Sabrina” you can win not only the tickets but also a small St.Nicholas Day gift set.
Please send your answers to our email address: The deadline is 2 nd December,2016.
Book or buy your tickets at:

Stavovské divadlo 18.10.2015

Prague Chamber Ballet on tour

30. 10. 2016

Don´t miss repeats of performance „3 Czech Quartets“ at Municipality Theatre in Turnov (1.1.), Municipality Theatre in Znojmo (8.11.) or Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava (9.11.). We also visit the Institut of Culture Mazovia in Warsaw with the creation „This is not a kiss!“ by Žiga Jereb & Anna Štěrbová (19.11.).
For reservations or buying tickets go to the website of the organizers.


Galaevening Hommage á Pavel Šmok

05. 10. 2016

A special evening dedicated to the memory of prof. Pavel Šmok will be held on Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 7 pm at Vinohrady Theatre in Prague. Besides Prague Chamber Ballet other leading Czech and Slovak companies will remember on Master of dance art – Ballet of the National Theatre in Prague, Ballet of National Theatre in Brno and Ballet of Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava.

Tickets available:


Random Encounters at Golden Prague festival

19. 09. 2016

Especially for this year's edition of Golden Prague festival is created a new opus for seven dancers choreographed by Jitka Tůmová and Patrick Čermák called "Random encounters“. Young authors choosed the music of the Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi. The premiere takes place on October 1st at piazzetta of National Theatre Prague.

Pražský komorní balet - 3 České kvartety - 26.10.2014 - Stavovské divadlo

3 Czech Quartets in Košice

02. 09. 2016

3 Czech Quartets will be performed in the framework of the 10th jubilee of Theatre Festival of Mittle Europa at a historic building of the State Theatre Košice. Tickets available at:

Stavovské divadlo 18.10.2015

Come see comme ça at festival SIRAEX

14. 08. 2016

As part of the jubilee of 10th annual dance festival Siraex with international participation in the Castle of Klasterec nad Ohri Prague Chamber Ballet presents creation „Come see comme ça“ on August 19th at 8pm. Tickets available before the beginning of performance.

Pražský komorní balet - 3 České kvartety - 26.10.2014 - Stavovské divadlo

Enjoy summer evening with dance

17. 07. 2016

We would like to invite you to the author's evening of Hana Polanská Turečková, which will be presented on July 19 at 8PM at Studio ALTA. Prague Chamber Ballet will perform the choreography Black Mirror. The evening will be supplemented with the premiere of the author`s choreography “Choreographic exercises I.“.

Tickets can be purchased an hour before the show or book via email

Stavovské divadlo 17.10.2015

Wish you beautiful summer holidays

03. 07. 2016

Prague Chamber Ballet symbolically ended successful season 2015/2016 with its last performance of Metaphors of Dance (29/06). During which it prepared the new premiere, travelled abroad for a several times and performed more than 30 successful performances. We would like to thank not only the dancers and everyone who allowed and contributed to this work, but also you – the audience and fans of Prague Chamber Ballet! Do not forget about ballet even during the summer holidays, and please accept our invitation to the author's evening of Hana Polanská Turečková, where the company will present its choreography Black Mirror – 19th July 2016 at 20:00 in Studio ALTA.

Stavovské divadlo 18.10.2015

Prague Chamber Ballet at Festival Dance Brno 2016

21. 06. 2016

Next performance of the company will be held on June 24th at 7pm in Mahenovo Theatre in Brno. Within the festival Dance Brno 2016 Prague Chamber Ballet will present the latest premiere „Metaphors of Dance“, which handles the topic of human behavior with its bright and dark sides.

The performance in Brno will be followed by a last farewell to the season by presentation of the same title – Metaphors of Dance in Theatre Ponec on June 29th.

Stavovské divadlo 18.10.2015

We’re going on tour in Slovakia

06. 06. 2016

Prague Chamber Ballet will present the latest title Metaphors of Dance during its tour in the Slovak Republic. First, on 10th June at the festival „Zámecké hry Zvolenské“ it will perform during open air performance at the castle Zvolen at 9pm. The next performance will be two days later (12th June) in Kosice, in non-traditional concert hall Kasárne / Kulturpark at 7pm.

Leonardo Germani_tanecni (2)

Introducing a new dancer

27. 05. 2016

New permanent soloist Leonardo Germani joined the company since 1st May. Leonardo graduated in 2014 at one of the most prestigious ballet academies in Italy – Opus Academy in Florence. Currently, he is intensively studying the repertoire and since the new season the audience will be able to see him on stage alongside other dancers.

You can read his CV here.

Stavovské divadlo 17.10.2015

Last performance of Metaphors of Dance in Prague in this season!

14. 05. 2016

Prague Chamber Ballet is preparing a final reprise of performance Metaphors of Dance in Prague. It will take place on 29th June 2016 at 19:00 in PONEC – the dance venue. You will see choreographies: Come See Comme Ça, Silent Cry, and This Is Not a Kiss. You can also follow all information at the event on our Facebook page here:

Do not hesitate and buy your tickets now at the link here:

Stavovské divadlo 17.10.2015

Celebrate International Dance Day with the Prague Chamber Ballet

20. 04. 2016

Let`s join us on Friday, April 29 to celebrate International Dance Day with our company. We have prepared OPENCLASS of modern dance with our soloist Jitka Tůmová (9:30 – 10:45 at studio Contemporary), then we will continue with the OPEN REHEARSAL OF THE REPERTOIRE (11:00 – 12:00 at studio Contemporary). The program will finish during the presentation of choreography THIS IS NOT A KISS! (13:30 – in front of sv. Wenceslas church, Prague 5). All activities are for free! Please make a registration for the openclass via mail:

Pavel Šmok 12.10.2012 Nekoř_foto Ondřej Kepka (1)

Funeral of Mr. Pavel Šmok

10. 04. 2016

The last farewell with the founder and the longtime artistic director of Prague Chamber Ballet prof. Pavel Šmok will be held on Monday, April 11 at 11am at the Ceremonial Hall in Ústí nad Orlicí.


We deeply regret to announce the death of Mr. Pavel Šmok

04. 04. 2016

With great sorrow and regret we announce that at the age of 88 died a phenomenal choreographer, teacher, director, founder and artistic director of Prague Chamber Ballet, master Pavel Šmok.

Significant Czech artist who greatly influenced the development of Czech dance, will remain forever in our hearts! R.I.P.

konkurz novinka

Audition for male and female dancers

23. 03. 2016

We are looking for creative and professional dancers (male and female) with excellent technique, who are educated in contemporary and classical ballet dance and are interested in creating a new generation of contemporary dance personalities. Audition will be held on Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 9:30 am at Studio Contemporary (National House Vinohrady, nám. Míru 9, Prague 2). CV with photos (portrait and professional) and video should be sent by March 28, 2016 at the email address:

For more information, please see the .pdf attachment here.


New ballet master Igor Vejsada

21. 03. 2016

Ballet master, teacher and emeritus director of the ballet company of National Moravian-Silesian Theatre in Ostrava Igor Vejsada joined the position of ballet master in charge of the artistic leadership of the company Prague Chamber Ballet on Monday, March 21. About what will be his first steps during, not only, the preparation of the new premiere, but also about his feelings from the first rehearsals with the dancers you can read in a forthcoming interview that will soon be available here in the news section. In the context of the difficult work at the independent ballet company we wish him a lot of strength, positive energy and joy of a well done work.

foto - novinka

Exceptional guest Jeanne Solan

07. 03. 2016

We are honoured to welcome at our open classes former Neatherlands Dans Theatre soloist, assistant of Jiri Kylian and extraordinary teacher Mrs. Jeanne Solan. Classical ballet lessons for advanced dancers and professionals will be held on Tuesday (8/3/2016), on Thursday (11/3/2016) and on Tuesday (15/3/2016) at 9:30 in Contemporary studio, National House Vinohrady. Please make a reservation via email:

Stavovské divadlo 17.10.2015

Metaphors of Dance for the third time in the Estates Theatre

12. 02. 2016

Prague Chamber Ballet will present the composed program „Metaphors of Dance“ on Saturday, February 20th at 19 o’clock in the Estates Theatre. The evening consists of three choreographies made by four authors – Aleksandra Dziurosz, Hana Litterová, Anna Štěrbová and Žiga Jereb. Tickets are available at the National Theatre box daily from 10am to 6pm or electronically at the link here. For more information about upcoming performances, please see the section Program.


Open class and workshop with choreographer Aleksandra Dziurosz

04. 02. 2016

We would like invite you to open classes and workshop with Polish teacher, choreographer and founder of the Warsaw Dance Days Aleksandra Dziurosz. Open classes will be held on 18th and 19th February 2016 from 9:30 to 10:45. On Thursday (18/2/2016) the openclass will be followed by a workshop focused on contemporary dance techniques. All classes are held in studio Contemporary at National House Vinohrady. On 20th February you can see the piece of this choreographer Come see Comme ça in the Estates Theatre within the performance Metaphors of Dance. Bookings for open class and workshop:, tel .: 602 404 010


The beginning of new year with 3 CZECH QUARTETS

13. 01. 2016

Prague Chamber Ballet is currently rehearsing the repertory for the performance 3 CZECH QUARTETS. The first performance will take place at the Municipal Theatre in Nový Bor, 20th January at 19:00 and the next one at the Roškotovo Theatre in Ústí nad Orlicí, 26th January at 19:30. The choreography “Slavonic Quartet” will also introduce new dancers Viktor Svidró and Sabina Bočková. Sabina will also take a role in choreography “From my life”.

For more information about scheduled performances, please visit the section Program.

PKB - Metafory tance


26. 12. 2015

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Wishing you good health, happiness, and joy of dance in the coming year and always. We are looking forward to our further cooperation and meetings.