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Technical conditions

Conditions for hosting of Prague Chamber Ballet  


  • The size of the stage minimum 9 x 9 m, that is depth x width between the portals. In case of smaller extent, needs to be discussed.
  • Vacated stage without stage technical equipment and other objects, clean surface without unevenness and nails, ready to lay down the dance floor, which we will bring with us.
  • Basic horizon in black colour.
  • Vacated passage premises on the left and on the right side of the stage, also behind the black-horizon.
  • 2 available hanging bars for decoration or lights, for possible use.
  • Functional stage managing device (Intercom) between the stage, lighting and sound staging.

Access to the stage

  • At the day of the evening performance allow access to the stage latest at 11:00 a.m. (preparation of the stage and lights, laying down dance floor, lighting and sound rehearsal).
  • At the day of the morning performance allow access to the stage one day before latest at 6:00 p.m. (preparation of the stage and lights, laying down dance floor, lighting and sound rehearsal).

Technical preparation of the performance

  • During the preparation activities the presence of the stage manager, who is responsible for the stage and for the work during the unloading and preparation of the performance, is required.
  • Ensure that the dance floor is moped one hour before the performance, respectively after completion of the rehearsal.
  • During the performance assistance of the drop-scene technician is required together with stage master, sound master in the sound cabin and lighting master in the lighting cabin.
  • Ensure the assistance of 1 – 2 local technicians during unloading and loading technical equipment and decoration before and after the performance.

Sound equipment

  • Auditorium 2x 400 – 500W.
  • Stage 4x monitor 100W (side-fills).
  • Professional audit mixer (min. 8 inputs, 4 -zone EQ or 3 – zone +LPF, faders, NO potentio-metres, 2x AUX), if possible in the middle of the listening space.
  • 1x CD player with Auto-Cue or Auto-Pause.
  • 2x MD player with Auto-Cue or Auto-Pause.
  • Possibility to connect another MD player or notebook.
  • During technical preparation and performance the sound master is required.

Lighting equipment

  • In minimum 48 regulated independent circuits.
  • Vacant regulated circles to be used on the stage floor.
  • Individual circles fitted by reflectors of PC type or Fresnel.
  • Areal reflectors for coloring the stage in red and blue color.
  • Reflectors located in the following positions:
    1. frontal auditorium
    2. left auditorium
    3. right auditorium
    4. stage bridge
    5. left portal
    6. right portal
    7. left side bridge
    8. right side bridge
  • Control of dimmers by protocol DMX512 – connection of own panel.
  • When using present panel, possibility to use in minimum 20 sub masters.
  • Sufficient number of cables is a necessary.
  • During technical preparation and performance the lighting master is required.

Dressing rooms

  • At least 2x dressing rooms with showers, WC, ironing board with an iron.
  • Cleaned and well heated up performance area (dressing rooms and stage).
  • Refreshment (mineral water).

In case of doubt regarding the technical requirements please contact:

Jakub Sloup
mobile: +420 737 768 085