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Joke Visser

Joke - PKB - web (1 of 1)After ten years as a free-lance designer for places such as the Dutch National Ballet, Netherlands Dans Theater and the Dutch Opera Foundation, Joke Visser joined Netherlands Dans Theater officially in 1987. In 1989, she was appointed head of the NDT costume department. As from this time, Jiří Kylián worked with Ms. Visser to design and fabricate the costumes for almost all of his dance productions.

Her work catalogue includes Kylián´s: „Bella Figura“ (NDT I, 1995), „Wings of Wax“ (NDT I, 1997), „A Way A Lone“ (NDT III, 1998), „One of a Kind“ (NDT I, 1998), „Indigo Rose“ (NDT II, 1998), „Half Past“ (NDT I, 1999), „Doux Mensonges“ (Opéra de Paris, 1999), „Arcimboldo“ 2000 (NDT I, NDT II, NDT III, 2000), „Click-Pause- Silence“ (NDT I, 2001), „Birth-Day“ (NDT III, 2001), „27´52“ (NDT II, 2002), Claude Pascal“ (NDT I, 2002), „When Time takes Time“ (NDT III, 2002), „Far too close“ (NDT III, 2003), „Last Touch“ (NDT I, 2003), „Sleepless“ (NDT II, 2004), „Toss of a Dice“ (NDT I, 2005), „Chapeau“ (NDT II, 2005), „Tar and Feathers“ (NDT I, 2006), „Vanishing Twin“ (NDT I, 2008), „Gods and Dogs“ (NDT II, 2008) or „Mémoires d´oubliettes“ (NDT I, 2009).

Next to collaborating with other choreographers, Joke Visser also supervises and organizes the costumes of Kylián works around the world.