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Libuše Ovsová

Libuše OvsováLibuše Ovsová

Libuše Ovsová graduated from the Dance department of the State Conservatory in Prague in 1982. In the same year she joined the ballet company of the State Theatre in Brno, where she became a soloist and created many title roles both in classical and contemporary repertoire (Swan Lake, Giselle, Coppélia, The Taming of the Shrew, etc.). Her roles were characterized by precise dance technique and by sensitive emotional experience. She had the opportunity to work with Luboš Ogoun, which significantly influenced her professional career.

Then she moved to Prague Chamber Ballet under the artistic director Pavel Šmok, where she danced in main roles of the original repertory (Kreutzer´s sonata, American Quartet, Hiroshima, From My Life, Evening Songs) and at the same time she was the first interpret of choreographies Trio g-moll, Wild Dove and renewed Rossiniáda. Her first teaching activity also started by participating in Prague Chamber Ballet trainings.

From the beginning of her carrier she was intensively interested in contemporary dance, which led to pedagogy studies on the Dance department with focus on the modern dance specialization. Over here she continued in her previous working experience with Professor Ivanka Kubicová, who created for her a choreography for the nationwide ballet competition (Košice 1981, 3rd prize).

After completing studies under the leadership of Professor Kubicová she started to teach at the Dance department of AMU (Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague), first of all as an external teacher, later as a professional assistant. She is still working here until now (contemporary dance, repertory with focus on Prague Chamber Ballet).

Libuše Ovsová has finished her dance career in Laterna Magika, where she portrayed the soloist parts in choreographies of J. P. Aviott (Odysseus, Casanova, Riddles).

From 2000 she is only dedicated to pedagogy activity. Firstly at the Dance Centre Prague (tuition of classical dance and repertory), then at the Conservatory of the City of Prague (contemporary dance, repertory), simultaneously she works as a tutor in Bohemia Ballet and participates in the light designing of the performances.

During her career she also collaborated on various independent projects as a dancer and she taught on summer dance schools and courses. She also completed many courses, where she extended her professional experiences, for example Rotterdamse Dansacademie, London Contemporary Dance School, L´été de l´Est or Palucca Schule Dresden.

In her present pedagogy practice she connects experiences from classical repertory with the knowledge from modern and contemporary dance.