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Ji-Eun Lee

Ji Eun Lee portraitJi-Eun Lee
Residential choreographer
*1979 – South Korea

After finishing her BA and MA at the University of Hanyang, Seoul, South Korea Ji-Eun Lee won two first prize awards from the most prestigious dance competitions organized by Korean Dance Association and the National Dance Competition. She was chosen as the youngest choreographer to be commissioned to perform in Tokyo and Korea.

Lee was selected for a scholarship to study Choreography at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She won the Authorial Awards, the Audience Award from the International Choreography Competition and the Siraex International Festival. She is also a winner of International Art Expo in Venice.

Ji-Eun Lee’s choreographies have been invited to more than 20 countries including the USA, Germany, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Estonia, Mexico, Argentina, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Indonesia, Japan, China, South Korea and the Czech Republic et al.