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Jiří Kylián, an outstanding choreographer of his generation, took
patronage over Prague Chamber Ballet at the Dance Art Center in Prague
on 23 February 2023. The visit of the legendary artist, who spent most
of his life (since 1975) in the Netherlands and served as the artistic
director of the Netherlands Dance Theatre (NDT) for twenty-four years
(1975-1999), represents a symbolic gesture and an expression of
acknowledgement and solidarity so much needed in dance theatre. The
Prague Chamber Ballet, founded by Pavel Šmok some fifty years ago, is a
notable symbol of independent culture.

During his visit, Kylián saw a performance composed of choreographies
prepared by the Prague Chamber Ballet and Ballet Prague Junior and
etudes by students of the Dance Art Center Conservatory.

“The Dance Art Center is a unique and inspiring building where the young
meet established artists. Coming here for the first time, I realised
this is a rare concept not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.
It is an enviable achievement,” said Jiří Kylián after his visit to the
Dance Art Center. “I have co-operated with the Prague Chamber Ballet for
many years. Pavel Šmok presented his productions at the Nederlands Dans
Theater several times, and I was in turn invited by Pavel and Jiří Opěla
as a guest to PCB. It’s a small ensemble focused on individuality. Linda
Svidró, who spent some time at the NDT II as a student, is the
ensemble’s artistic director and several former NDT members work here as
choreographers, which opened the way for me to take the patronage over
the Prague Chamber Ballet.”