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Filip Míšek

Filip Míšek 4Music composer

Filip Míšek was born in 1980. He is a musician and composer. He was the founding member of a band Khoiba, with which he played and participated as author on two albums, two EP and performed concerts in Czech and also in Europe (Germany, Austria, Poland, Netherlands, Finland, Norway). Vat the moment he is producing under pseudonym Dikolson. His debut album ‚The bear is sleeping now‘ published in 2011 with label Minority Records and later in 2013 in Japan with label Friend of Mine Records. He composed music to films Restart (2005), Den draka – The Dragon Day (2010), České děti – Czech Kids (2012), Rozkoš – Pleasure (2013), he further participated music wise on dance performance ‚Indefinite Kingdom‘ (choreography: Yoko Honaga), which was presented in Tokio (2010). In 2013 he co-participated on a music to Theatre performance Boys and Girls.