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Oldřiška Neumannová

Oldřiška Neumannová is a graduate of the Dance Center Prague – Conservatory and danced in the school companies Baby Ballet Prague (2016 – 2018) and Ballet Prague Junior (2017 – 2021). She was a trainee dancer of the Prague Chamber Ballet in 2019 – 2021 and is now its regular member. She danced in the productions A Bouquet and Carmina Vetera /A Rose/ (by Petr Zuska), in choreographies Musica Slovaca, The Dove (by Pavel Šmok), So in Love (by Attila Egerházi), New Beginning (by Lidia Wos), Elixir (by Viktor Konvalinka), Opus 13 (by Šimon Kubáň), Dreaming (by Michal Vach). She has performed at the Golden Prague International Television Festival, Dance Expo Brno, International Dance Weeks, and also attended the Summer Dance Workshops (Dance Center Prague – Jeanne Solan, Lidia Wos, Attila Egerházi, Gianni Attimonelli). She also dances at the dance sports club Crossdance Kolín and has won several Czech, European and World Championships in Latin and Standard dances.