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František Rezek

František Rezek was born in Chomutov on 28 January 2002. He started to dance at a primary school in Chomutov, in a group led by Svetlana Dundrová. In 2013, he commenced his 8-year studies at the Prague Conservatory, graduating in 2021. As a student, he attended several workshops, such as those with Filip Staněk (Smart body), Nataša Novotná (Gaga dance), Tomáš Červinka (Contemporary). In 2019, he danced in Ondřej Vinklát’s choreography Before and After at the Minister of Culture Award ceremony broadcast by the Czech Television. In the same year, he worked as a co-operating director and choreographer for the NaOko Theatre. He was a co-operating dancer of the Bohemia Ballet in 2020. He has danced in many productions at theatres in Czechia and abroad, including the South Bohemian Theatre, Estates Theatre, State Opera, Théâtre de Grasse, Christmas Theatre in Athens, and others. He joined the Prague Chamber Ballet as a regular member in 2021.