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Prague Chamber Ballet is an independent dance company; it is operated by non-profit organization BALET PRAHA o.p.s.  

The success of Prague Chamber Ballet depends on the generosity and dedication of our patrons. With each passing year the financial support from the partners becomes one of the most significant support for maintaining the company on a high professional level.

Our corporate partners and patrons including members of Friends Club and volunteers enable to continue in development, support and cultivation of dance art. In 2015 Prague Chamber Ballet celebrated its 40th anniversary of its foundation by Pavel Šmok in 1975. In order to ensure a high artistic level and develop the company in the future, it is necessary to collaborate with significant choreographers, implement new production projects and present Czech Republic not only at home, but also abroad on important theatre stages. All of it requires your support.

If it is actually you who can help our company in further development and creative work, support us right away and help us to maintain this art form alive. All donations to Prague Chamber Ballet for various artistic activities are tax deductible.

You can make a difference too

For the complete list of our partners go to page Partners.