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Tomáš Rychetský

He graduated from the Managerial Academy. During his studies he started to visit dance studio DSF under the management of Daniel Záboj. After the school leaving examinations he starts to visit a private dance conservatory in Hradec Králové, he transfers to Prague, where he completes his studies at the Dance Conservatory of Prague (Modern and folk dance field).

In 2000 he joined the Prague Chamber Ballet, where he danced in choreographies of the leading Czech but also foreign choreographers (Jan Kodet Jiří Kylián, Pavel Šmok, Libor Vaculík, Petr Zuska, Christopher Bruce, Patrick Delacroix, Robert North).

Starting from season 2003 he is a ballet member of National Theatre in Prague, where he dances choir and also soloist roles: Pietro in title Lucrezia Borgia (Libor Vaculík), Stamping Ground, Last Touch (Jiří Kylián), Álbum Familiar (Conny Janssen), Through Nana’s Eyes (Itzik Galili), Ibbur, Requiem, Little extreme, Svěcení jara (Consecration of Spring) (chor.: Petr Zuska), Gypsy v Carmen (Mats Ek), Popelka (Conderella) (Jean-Christopher Mailot).

As a choreographer he is realizing a piece of work Bratři (Brothers) (Tanec Praha 2001- Dance Prague), Alterego (Eurovision competition in London), Válka růží (Ware of Roses) (Choreography competition show of Czech Republic 2001), Omylem andělem (Angel by Mistake), Positivní…? (Positive…? ) (included into the repertory of Prague Chamber Ballet), Šťastná sedma (Lucky Seven), Č4yři (Four) (festival Tanec Praha (Dance Prague) 2004). In frame of Miniatures in National Theatre his first independent choreography is being created Bezpředmětná křehkost (Pointless Fragility), which is awarded as the best author piece of work of 2005. A project NANOPICTURE comes into existence, which is inspired by „Nanopříběh“(Nano Story) from Czech music group TATABOJS. In 2006 there are “židovské písně” Zlomené sny (“Jewish Songs” Broken Dreams), further „O ART“ (“About Art) to Haffner serenade of W.A.Mozart with orchestra and ballet of Městské divadlo (Town Theatre) in Brno. In 2007 it is about choreographies Take this out!, Pandemonium and Nevyřčené ticho (Unspoken Silence) – for ballet of National Theatre Prague. In 2008 together with Š.Benyovszký, O.Kotrč and T.Kopecký they are producing Morir de cerveza – author no – and also dance theatre (PKD) (Prague Chamber Ballet).

Cooperation with Viktor Konvalinka and Pavel Hejný in 2009 leads to foundation of independent creative group of professional artists. Only just with Pavel Hejný he is winning video-art competition with work scope to create video-art to Janáček Symfonieta. The supervisor of the project was Jiří Kylián. Not completed piece of work reports success in the finals of the international choreography competition in Plzeň, it is gaining 1st prize for the best choreographer and a reward for the best author piece of work Nepojmenované pocity (Unnamed Feelings) for Jan Váňa – Kyjev (2011). It comprises of Sólo 5 kroků k Tobě (Solo of 5 steps Towards You) for 420people in composed evening (Kuneš -Rychetský – Naharin 2009), further JAKSTOHOVEN and cooperated with Emir Faddu (Palestine): Side Effects (2010). All-night multimedia project TIMING is being created – collaboration with  L.Trpišovský, P.Tejnorová and Berg orchestra and joint project of designer Helena Fejková, jazz singer Jana Koubková and DEKKADANCERS „JAZZ – FASHION – DANCE“. In 2011 Kill de Bill comes into existence, Deka pod dekkou (Blanket under Blanket) (for Bohemia ballet).

At the end of 2011 he is realizing exceptional project NANOPICTURE rearranged – remake of original dance performance (with D. Stránský and TataBojs), to which preceded Ležatá 8 Tour (Horizontal 8 Tour) – cooperation DEKKADANCERS on the largest concert tour of TataBojs in Prague. Together with P.Hejný in the summer recorded a video clip in this group – Opakování (Repetition).