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Roman Sejkot

photographer — Roman Sejkot was born in 1963 in North Bohemia town Vodňany. He studied at the Gymnasium (1977-1981), Mathematical-Physical Faculty of Charles University UK (1981-1986), Journalist faculty of Charles University (1982-1984) and Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts (1984-1988).

Roman Sejkot was working as photographer for Czech News Agency, further as editor in publishing house PRESSFOTO, worked as photographer and visual editor in weekly magazine FÓRUM, in Občanský deník (Civic Daily), in Český deník (Czech Daily) and in daily PROSTOR. He also completed internship in German agency JOKER. As of 1992 he works as free-lance.

He is engaged in art, reportage and advertising photography. In the world wide competitions of professional photographers WORLD PRESS PHOT he in 1994 occupied third place in the category Sports Stories. In 1994 he gained prize IG Medien in German Leipzig from photographs composed not animated film ABOUT A SPOSRTSMAN.

At the French international photography festival Les Rencontres D’Arles, Photographie, nude photos of Roman Sejkot were in 1995 displayed and were rewarded by a prize KODAK EUROPEAN PANORAMA.

Roman Sejkot taught at the Prague photography school (1991-1994), at the Charles University Faculty of Social Sciences (1992-1995), at the Faculty of Multi Media Communications Tomáš Baťa University (2003-2004).

As of 2009 he works in Czech Technical University in Prague Faculty of Electrical Engineering. In 1990 he published a pictorial book PAPEŽ (POPE) about historically first visit of Pope on the territory of Czechoslovakia. As of 2000 he is engaged in virtual reality called CG Art.

Roman Sejkot is a member of Professional photographers association of Czech Republic, member of Prague House of Photography and member of Fine artists society Mánes.

He is represented in publication PHOTOGRAPHERS ENCYCLOPAEDIA INTERNATIONAL, 1839 TO THE PRESENT. He is displaying all over the world. More information you may find for example in encyclopaedias KDO JE KDO (WHO IS WHO).