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Anna Štěrbová

Štěrbová - fotoAnna Štěrbová

Anna Štěrbová was born in Prague and in 2002 graduated from Dance Centre Prague – conservatory. The first stage experience she gained with the school ensemble (choreographies by Attila Egerházi, Allessandra Matty, Hege Scafle …). She also completed several internships, eg. in Cologne (Germany), Calabria (Italy) and Nice (France). She received a scholarship to the Scuola di balletto classico in Regio Emilia (Liliana Cosi), where she participated in performances Don Quichotte and Graund Zero (Marinel Stefanescu) Aterbaletto corso perfezionamento. In 2005 she danced in choreography „So … now?“ created by Martin Vraný. Between 2006 – 2013 she was a member and later a soloist of the Provincial Theatre in Linz, under the artistic direction of Jochen Ulrich, where among others she danced the roles of Cinderella (Cinderella), Anna Arkadjewna Karenina (Anna Karenina), Anna (Seven Deadly Sins), Clorinda (Campo Amor), Die Gehilftin (Rumi In Flammen), Nanny (Romeo and Juliet). In 2007 – 2015 she also worked with choreographers Katrina Hall (Die Vier Jahreszeiten), Mei Hong Lin (Das Haus der Bernarda Alba), Darrel Toulon (Peter und der Wolf), Hea-Kyung Lee (Les Noces) and during the permanent engagement she also participated in independent projects: Martin Dvořák (Fear and / or desire 2007), Gabriel Wong (Emotions suites – Excretion 2008), Rafael Valdivieso (With a Pure Heart 2008) (Be still, my heart 2009). In 2013 she became a member of the ensemble of dance theatre under the artistic direction of Mei Hong Lin, where she is still working until now. Anna Štěrbová also teaches classes of partnering. In 2012, she taught at the International Contemporary Dance Workshop Prague and two years later at the ProArt festival.

Photo: Art DOT Studio