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Ladislava Jandová

ladsialava-jandovasMgr. Ladislava Jandová

She graduated from the Business Economics and Management and Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Philosophy at University of West Bohemia in Plzeň. In 2001 – 2004 she worked at the J. K. Tyl Theatre in Plzeň as a manager of marketing and foreign affairs and participated on the organization of International Festival „Theatre“. Until 2008 she led courses „Dramatic Production“ and „European Theatre“ at the Philosophy department at University West Bohemia founded by doc. Jan Burian. In the following years 2004 – 2005 she worked in the production of State Opera Prague. In the same year (2005) she established an art agency and realized Czech and international exhibitions (e.g. Luxemburg inspirations in Nostitz palace in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Architectonic Heritage of Czech Republic in cooperation with National Heritage Institute, etc.), classical music concerts with soloist of National Theatre or the State opera and independent dance productions. One year later she returned to the University in Plzeň, where she took over a financial management of the Faculty of Philosophy and significantly participated on the development of the faculty (2006 – 2010). Meanwhile she continued to support an independent art activities, especially in the area of classical music and dance.

In 2007 she initiated the efforts to rescue the Prague Chamber Ballet and its legislative exclusion from the State Opera Prague. With her partner Ivan Dunovský she took over the original trademarks and the company Prague Chamber Ballet s.r.o. from prof. Pavel Smok and Jiří Opěla and founded a non-profit Organization Balet Praha o.p.s. (2010) with the aim to build up a new progressive art company and to maintain the legacy and work of one of the most significant Czech artists of the 20th century Pavel Šmok.

Currently she works as a director of the non-profit organization Balet Praha, o.p.s. and cooperates with DAMU (Theatre Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts), Faculty of Philosophy (Charles University) and Faculty of Philosophy (University of West Bohemia) in the area of project management and management of EU projects focused on the university education.