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S/heS/he – premiere 2023

29 June 2023 (19:30), Kulturní dům Mlejn

New Premiere: The Prague Chamber Ballet will present original choreographies taking on the topic of “gender inequality in dance art”. In the field of contemporary dance, everybody, irrespective of their gender, fights for dignified existence, where the need to survive and create is the priority. This is true all the more in the “post-COVID” times. Foreign choreographers Ji-Eun Lee (South Corea), Lidia Wos (Sweden) and Lórand Zachár (Hungary) were invited to prepare their pieces for the premiere. They are freelance artists who co-operate mainly with independent ensembles and also teach at dance conservatories and academies of fine arts. They are thus experienced not only in artistic creation, but also in the operation of independent ensembles abroad and sharing their knowledge with younger colleagues.

Three choreographers, three stories without words: on the wave of contemporary dance. Prague Chamber Ballet as you don’t know it.



Choreography: Lidia Wos
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach

Appearances can be deceptive in a world where nothing make sense. In her new work, specially created for the Prague Chamber Ballet, choreographer Lidia Wos invites you to follow her into a world filled with twisted images and imaginary twists. A world where your own imagination decides the borders between fantasy and reality. A world where a table sometimes is just a table and where the back of a naked skull can tell the full story of a person’s life. Join the dancers in their attempts to balance on the edge of illusion.

Lidia Wos is a Swedish-Polish choreographer known for her personal chorographical language filled with twisted movements, unexpected body angles and absurd humour. Musicality is another of her trademarks and in this piece, she is using music by Johann Sebastian Bach among others. Her previous works have been presented on stages all over the world. On the edge of illusion is her first creation for the Prague Chamber Ballet.



Choreography: Ji-Eun Lee
Music: Hildegard von Bingen

This piece describes how malice can arise inside the human mind and latch onto that person's consciousness like a tail. This tail becomes longer and heavier, wrapping around the person until it constricts the soul. Malice chokes the soul like smog and eventually swallows it whole. This is how negative emotions harm the human spirit.



Choreography: Loránd Zachár
Music: Marin Marais

The choreography aims to evoke the atmosphere of the ball evenings of the Baroque era, based on the musical etudes of the baroque composer Marin Marais entitled Poems of Madness. The entertaining twenty-minute dance piece is a grotesque gallery of energy storms and lovely emotional echoes, which pours onto the stage in musical movements of varying speed. Nothing more, nothing less, than a quarter of an hour of supporting madness, that promises pleasant relaxation.