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Black Mirror

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.43.56Music: Vladimír Sommer (String Quartet in d-moll) 
Choreography: Hana Polanská Turečková
Set and costume design: Vladimír Houdek
Light design: Jakub Sloup
Czech premiere: 5. 10. 2014 The Estates Theatre in Prague
2nd premiere:  26. 10. 2014 The Estates Theatre in Prague
Performing: 7 dancers
Duration: 20 minutes

The existential abstract ballet as a metaphor of never experienced secret of life and world. The choreography is inspired by the painting of Vladimír Houdek „Black mirror“ and is structured into three dance parts: Law path – Coalescence – Transcendence. The cooperation of Hana Polanská Turečková and Vladimír Houdek could be described as „stage or film collage of dance and paintwork seeking a definition of a relationship between the body language and the visual portrayal” and is strongly inspired by modernism.

The performance was created as a part of celebration of the Year of Czech Music 2014.