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Oh, Love

Ej láskoChoreography: Petr Zuska
Music: Jiří Pavlica
Set design: Petr Zuska
Costume design: Roman Šolc
Light design: Pavel Kremlík, Petr Zuska
Staging: Aleksandre Katsapov
Choreographer Assistant: Igor Vejsada
Performing: 5 dancers
Duration: 20 minutes

This piece was originally written for the opening of Moravian-Slovak Wine Festival in 2008. The idea was to provide opportunity for Hradišťan music ensemble to meet the Ballet of the Prague National Theatre. It was my first cooperation with Jiří Pavlica. We came up with the name of this 20-minute performance just an hour before the première. And even now, years later, I think we intuitively chose the right name as love has always been flowing through our lives and through the fate of mankind just as 'the water flows in between the river banks' (in the words of Hradišťan’s well-known song).

Petr Zuska