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Prolínání_karta A5ENTWINE

Choreography: Lukáš Timulák
Music: Iva Bittová, Henry Vega (new composition)
Costume design: Joke Visser, Lukáš Timulák
Scenography design: Lukáš Timulák, Pavla Beranová
Set design: Lukáš Timulák
Light design: Pavla Beranová
Length: 30 minutes
Performing: 6 dancers of the Prague Chamber Ballet

“With every breath, we confirm the bond with the environment that surrounds us. We transform it, blend with it. The movement of our body breaks the air, reflects it, warms it up, and we breathe it in and out. By our existence, we are involved in the constant movement and transformation of the material world.”

In his new choreographic work, Lukáš Timulák deals with elements that are in constant interdependence and exchange and are constantly blending. Nature, human beings and their living space. How do we shape our environment and how does it shape us? What do we absorb from it and how does it absorb us? The core of Lukáš Timulák’s choreography is a man as a part of a permanent process of change, in constant movement and adaptation.