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On the Edge of Illusion


On the Edge of Illusion

Choreography: Lidia Wos
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Francesco Tristano, Carl Craig, Daniel Hope, Wim Mertens, Dustin O‘Halloran, Victor Axelrod, Tristan Honshinori Kondo, Tiziana Simona, Sean Bergin, Abel Korzeniowski, Sigur Rós
Dramaturgy: Robert Karlsson
Stage and Costumes: Lidia Wos
Light Design: Lidia Wos, Viktor Svidró
Assistant Choreographer: Lenka Šustová Hrabovská, Igor Vejsada
Performing: 9 tanečníků
Duration: 30 minut
Premiere: 29. 6. 2023, KD Mlejn Praha

Appearances can be deceptive in a world where nothing make sense. In her new work, specially created for the Prague Chamber Ballet, choreographer Lidia Wos invites you to follow her into a world filled with twisted images and imaginary twists. A world where your own imagination decides the borders between fantasy and reality. A world where a table sometimes is just a table and where the back of a naked skull can tell the full story of a person’s life. Join the dancers in their attempts to balance on the edge of illusion.

Lidia Wos is a Swedish-Polish choreographer known for her personal chorographical language filled with twisted movements, unexpected body angles and absurd humour. Musicality is another of her trademarks and in this piece, she is using music by Johann Sebastian Bach among others. Her previous works have been presented on stages all over the world. On the edge of illusion is her first creation for the Prague Chamber Ballet.