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The Mystery of Time


The Mystery of Time
Choreography: Hana Polanská Turečková
Music: Miloslav Kabeláč (1908 -1979) – The Mystery of Time, op.31; Jan Bubák -Introduction
Assistant Choreography: Igor Vejsada
Costume and set design: Vladimír Houdek
Costume production and set design implementation: Klára Vostárková, Karel Vostárek
Light design: Jakub Sloup
Performing: 7 dancers
World premiere: 18 th December, 2016, Vinohrady Theatre Prague
Duration: 30 minutes

A dance production of Hana Polanská Turečková exploring the motif of space-time continuum as a completely natural, self-evident factor; nothing appears to be more certain than the irreversible, unrepeatable sequence of events in nature and history referring to the theory of relativity and philosophical questions related to our past, depths of space, the origin of life and certainty of death.