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Czech premiere: 22. 10. 2017 | 19:00, Vinohrady Theatre Prague
2nd premiere: 10. 12. 2017 | 19:00, Municipality Theatre Most

Nevyřčené ticho (1)Unspoken Silent
Choreography: Tom Rychetský
Music: Leoš Janáček, Klavírní sonáta I.X. 1905 „Z ulice“
Set design: Milan Cais
Costume design: Roman Šolc
Light design: Daniel Tesař
Assistant Choreography: Linda Svidró
Renewed premiere: 22.10.2017, Vinohrady Theatre Prague
Performing: 4 soloists of Prague Chamber Ballet
Duration: 17 minutes

Inspiration Piano Sonata by Leoš Janáček’s „From the Street“ on the student’s motives tragedy
of 1905, led to the creation of intimate inner miniatures for one man and three women.

“Angels with silver wings shouldn’t know suffering. I wish I could take the pain for you. If God has a master plan, that only He understands, I hope it’s your eyes He’s seeing through.“
(Martin L. Gore)

chvilka_poezieA Glimpse of POEtry
Choreography: Marek Svobodník
Music: Jaroslav Ježek and Bedřich Nikodém
Music collage: Marek Svobodník
Set design: Petr Siedlaczek
Costume design: Pavel Knolle
Light design: Karel ‚Karlos‘ Šimek
Assistant Choreography: Igor Vejsada
World premiere: 18.12.2016, Vinohrady Theatre Prague
Performing: Igor Vejsada and 4 soloists of Prague Chamber Ballet
Duration: 20 minutes

Dark slapstick comedy based on the motifs of the famous poem The Raven by A. E. Poe.

„Waiting brings a good many distractions, such as death for instance.“

ret Rekviem za nekonecno 1Requiem for infinity 
Idea: Pavel Šimák and Tom Rychetský 
Choreography: Tom Rychetský 
Music: Antonín Dvořák, Requiem B-flat minor, Op. 89 selection (Requiem Aeternam,
Dies Irae, Confutatis Maledictus, Sanctus, Agnus Dei)
Directed by: Pavel Šimák
Set and costume design: Petra Lebdušková
Light design: Jakub Sloup
Assistant Choreography: Linda Svidró
Premiere: 22.10.2017 Vinohrady Theatre Prague
Performing: 8 soloists of Prague Chamber Ballet
Duration: 40 minutes

Dance story about touching the issues which are situated between the start and end of life,
maybe even beyond. Choreography which does not focus on the pure attractiveness of
movement but attempts to tell the story of a particular man’s destiny within the framework
of Dvořák’s Requiem’s spiritual space –  destiny of a man who is struggling throughout the
time given to him… A requiem is, by definition, a “mass for the deceased”. However, in our
rendition, it is the expression of faith and our conviction that life energy can’t just simply
disappear, that it is transformed and passed further on – not unlike dance which also has
infinitely many forms…

  “I come from infinity… And I go to the remote eternity. There will always be a tomorrow. Even today was tomorrow some time ago.”
(Johannes Mario Simmel, Austrian writer)

Antonín Dvořák composed his Requiem during the peak period of his creative production – in
the year 1890. The composition is not related to a particular person or event; it is one big
reflection of the generally disturbing questions of human existence, sadness and consolation
in death, meaning of life, death and hope. Dvořák was a deeply religious man. Therefore,
even this brilliant piece of work is imbued with admirable purity of faith, spirituality, humility
and exceptional authenticity of thoughts. All the emotions which it inspires in us have
their source in Dvořák’s personal philosophy and its artistic realisation is, in terms of form
and content, impeccable.

Premiere is dedicated to prof. Pavel Šmok in memoriam.