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LyrickáChoreography: Petr Zuska
Music: Vyšívanka Lada (Ukrainian and East-Slovakian ballads)
Set design: Petr Zuska
Costume design: Roman Šolc
Light design: Petr Zuska
Videoprojection: Tomáš Stibor
Staging: Aleksandre Katsapov
Choreographer Assistant: Igor Vejsada
Performing: 2 dancers
Duration: 8 minutes

Years ago, I wrote this duet for Eva Horáková, a brilliant dancer, a long-time soloist of Laterna Magika Ballet and a friend of mine. I was honoured to be the first co-dancer. The two of us at first, several other soloist of the Prague National Theatre Ballet later on, danced this piece at many domestic and international gala performances. It has shortly featured in the repertoire of the Finnish National Ballet and the Prague Chamber Ballet, too. I am glad it returns to the latter. The female duo singers Vyšívanka from Košice inspired me by their beautiful two-voiced singing of East Slovak, Ukrainian and Russian songs, by the authenticity of their music arrangements and, last but not least, by their hearts which they put in the interpretation. The hearts which, in connection with my own heart, gave rise to the creation of this small story of love, loneliness and death in 2008.

Petr Zuska