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Svět Sedmikrásek menší rozlišení (1)THE WORLD OF DAISIES

Choreography: Jiří Pokorný
Music: Nils Frahm, Davidson Jaconello (new composition)
Costume design: Joke Visser, Jiří Pokorný
Scenography design: Jiří Pokorný,  Pavla Beranová
Set design: Jiří Pokorný
Light design: Pavla Beranová
Length: 30 minutes
Performing: 7 dancers of the Prague Chamber Ballet



The dance staging is inspired by the theme of climate, especially in its natural behaviour during climate change, which may have a binding effect on our existence at the present time.

For the artistic representation of this theme, Jiří Pokorný was loosely inspired by the idea that the planet Earth’s biosphere represents the symbol of eternal motion. Its influences, principles and constant transformations are the recurring cycle of life in the time-space in which all living things are born and lost. In this self-regulating process, we find ourselves as part of one superorganism.

The World of Daisies represents space where life on Earth is maintained in the right ratio between black and white, that is between a black and a white daisy. The black daisy receives light and transforms it into the warmth that warms us. The white daisy reflects light and causes the opposite effect. In a similar way, our body acts as a tool that responds largely to the outside, listening closely to its basic functions and movement expression to become part of a complex organism that adapts the conditions for its indisputable self-existence.