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This Is Not a Kiss!

This Is Not a KissMusic collage: Sarah Neufeld, William Ryan Fritch, Simon Spitzer
Choreography: Žiga Jereb & Anna Štěrbová
Set and costume design: Pavel Knolle
Light design: Jakub Sloup
Czech premiere: 18. 10. 2015 The Estates Theatre in Prague
Performing: 8 dancers
Duration: 28 minutes

We fall in and out of life. As we do fall in and out of the kiss. From the first moment when we are gently kissed into life until our first experience with the kiss and later the relationships with it, we cannot escape the turbulence, fierceness, playfulness and tenderness of its power. We do not know where it comes from nor where will it take us. It always stays in mystery. The piece is playful take on what comes or might come with the kiss. Excited, overwhelmed, and maybe even feeling foolish by believing there is such a thing as a kiss.