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The Condition of Disappearance

barevnakorekce2701Concept and choreography: Ji-Eun Lee
Music and musical arrangement: Filip Míšek, Stephan Micus, Loga Ramin Torkian, Kroke, John Potter, Savina Yannatou, Primavera en Salonico
Assistant of choreographer: Nikol Šneiderová
Costume design: LaFormela, Ji-Eun Lee
Set design: LaFormela, Ji-Eun Lee
Light design: Jakub Sloup
Duration: 50 minut
Premiere: 24.6.2013 Nová scéna ND
Interpretation: Lenka Bílková, Jaroslava Janečková, Nikol Šneiderová, Tomáš Červinka, Šimon Kubáň, Alex Sadirov

This story is about the man who does not recognise his identity.

Although he looks like a normal person, he plays various roles according to his circumstances.

A new piece „The Condition of Disappearance“ explores the cruelty of apathy in modern times. In this story „disappearance“ does not simply mean the state of „non-existence“. Rather it is more akin to the process of finding a way out to the exit in a maze.

Quotes from concept:

„Regardless of my volition, my human dignity is killed by others.
My true identity may or may not be revealed by the surroundings.
Its appearance or disappearance is dependent of the others, not me.“

The copyrights to the choreography are represented by Balet Praha o.p.s., Wolkerova 24/3, 160 00 Prague 6.

Photo: Jiří Thýn

The Condition of Disappearance_DL The Condition of Disappearance_plakát

New premiere The Condition of Disappearance at New Stage of National Theatre Prague