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​Dance Contrasts

Prague Chamber Ballet has prepared a dance educational program for elementary and secondary schools focused on examples of company`s repertoire and insights behind the scenes of dance performances.

The program presents choreographies by outstanding Czech choreographer prof. Pavel Smok, founder of the company, who as a template for his works used to picked mainly Czech classical music and music of the last century (Bedrich Smetana, Ilja Zelenka). It presents also fragments from the works of contemporary artists who collaborated with the ensemble in recent years, and their works are accompanied by contemporary music.

Moderated program begins with an insight into the daily routines of dancers – examples of classical ballet and contemporary dance training. It continues with various choreographies from the repertoire which represent different methods of dance expression and movement vocabulary from neo-classical dance through folk inspiration to contemporary dance expression including the elements of acting.

The accompanying commentary explains in the understandable way the history of dance, the work of Prague Chamber Ballet and the details of the creation of choreographies. After the program, there is a space for discussion between with the moderator and the audience themselves dancers. The fragments are chosen considering the age of spectators.

Dance Contrasts