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Stabat Mater

Choreography: Pavel Šmok

Music: Antonín Dvořák
Staging: Kateřina Dedková – Franková

Costume design: Jan Jelínek
Premiere: 18. 11. 1995 Prague

Renewed premiere: 1. 3. 2009 Theatre in Dlouhá Prague

Duration: 21 minutes

Antonín Dvořák wrote „Stabat Mater“ as a response to the death of his two children. The composition follows the formal structure of sacred music and the text is in Latin. However, the piece is deeply rooted in the Czech tradition and transcends the theological frame by expressing the grief over the loss of children that is shared universally.

The copyrights to the choreography are represented by Aura-Pont, s.r.o., Veslařský ostrov 62, 147 00 Prague 4.

Photo: Ivan Malý