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Mono No Aware

Choreography: Hana Polanská Turečková
Music: Georg Friedrich Händel, Štěpán Polanský
Assistant of choreographer: Lenka Kolářová
Costume design: Hana Turečková, La Formela
Light design: Markus Selg, Hana Turečková, Jakub Sloup
Artistic adviser: Markus Selg
Premiere: 11.12.2011 New Stage of National Theatre Prague
Duration: 40 minutes

The name „mono no aware“ appears in the Japanese literature and can be loosely translated as authentic beings sigh. It is the ability of great sensitivity, awareness of the beauty and transience of aesthetic object or creature whose embodiment is in the Japanese tradition of such short duration Sakura bloom. It is a „cry of the soul“, evocation the amazement of the passing of beautiful fragility of human dreams, but also the volatility, pain, aging and often perverse, insistent desire, even the ubiquitous dissolution and disintegration. The capture of this decaying beauty in the dance touches Hana Turečková collective memory of mankind. Create a choreography on this topic revealed to her a butó workshop with genius Japanese butó dancer Sumako Koseki and its interpretation and rendition of the beauty that passes.

The copyrights to the choreography are represented by Balet Praha o.p.s., Wolkerova 24/3, 160 00 Prague 6.

mono no aware poster

Prague Chamber Ballet will introduce a premiere Mono No Aware

Photo: Pavel Hejný