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DSC_3532_finalChoreography: Ivgi & Greben
Music: Tom Parkinson
Assistant of choreography: Sylva Nečasová
Costume design: Uri Ivgi
Light design: Pavel Kotlík
World premiere: 16.4.2014, New Stage of National Theatre in Prague
2nd premiere: 4.5.2014, New Stage of National Theatre in Prague
Duration: 60 minutes

BEAT is the first work by exciting choreographic duo Ivgi&Greben for the Prague Chamber Ballet.

BEAT is about the ritual that connects us to our roots, our earth and our origins. The secret that we carry and develops to a vortex of passion.

Ivgi&Greben present their ideas and thoughts through an imaginative body vocabulary combined with poetic images which build and break, and touch and confront. They consider their work to be a mirror for their audience as well as themselves and so invite the audience to search for a personal reflection of reality. Using themes such as oppression, tension between individuals and groups, longing for freedom and love, and sexuality and acceptance Ivgi&Greben create a visual world blending movement, music, light, set and costumes into an esthetic of their own.By breaking boundaries and using intense physicality, their choreography achieves a tapestry representing control, power, strength and endurance interwoven with movements of softness, intimacy and tenderness.


World premiere 16. 4. 2014 – New Stage of National Theatre

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2nd premiere 4. 5. 2014 – New Stage of National Theatre

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