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Hiroshima (duet of a pilot and his conscience)

50 let PKB - Stavovské divadlo Praha 16.11.2014Music: Wiliam Bukový
Choreography: Luboš Ogoun
Costume designer: Josef Jelínek
Light design: Jakub Sloup
Staging: Libuše Ovsová
Premiered: 13. 11. 1964
Duration: 7 minutes

Hiroshima is thought of as one of Ogoun’s masterpieces. The Studio Ballet Prague’s interpretation of this piece, with Marta Synáčková and Karel Janeček performing the main roles, were awarded the Serge Lifar choreographic prize at the international dance festival in Paris in 1967. This piece is often compared to Joos’s „Green Table“ due to its humanistic and anti war messages. The spectator is witnessing the moment when the bomb is dropped. This is then followed by the intense emotions of the aviator who is haunted by his consciousness, which in turn reflects the consciousness of human nature. The choreographic style was heralded as original and authentic and Ogoun was regarded as creating work at the same level of his international contemporaries.