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La Strada

La Strada

Music: Nino Rota
Libretto, concept and dramaturgy: Jiří Bubeníček, Nadina Cojocaru
Choreography: Jiří Bubeníček
Set design: Nadina Cojocaru
Costume design: Nadina Cojocaru
Lighting design: Jiří Bubeníček
Choreography Assistants: Lenka Šustová Hrabovská, Igor Vejsada
Music dramaturgy: Jiří Bubeníček, Nadina Cojocaru
Music arrangement: Petr Holman, Jiří Bubeníček
Performing: soloists of the Prague Chamber Ballet and members of the Ballet Prague Junior
Musicians: Marie Hasoňová, Karolína Blehová and Martin Lesa
Duration: 80 minutes
World premiere: March 10, 2024, Vinohrady Theatre

La Strada performance is held under the auspices of the Minister of Culture Martin Baxa.


A captivating story of love and cruelty on the road of a traveling circus, based on the eponymous film by Federico Fellini

„Every magic has a dark place, and every dark place creates something magical.“

„The circus is a fantastic and enchanting wonderland that has attracted generations of audiences. I was born into a circus family and it is this wonderful environment of fantasy that has become such an immediate part of my childhood and my soul. Through the circus, we enter a world of magic that overflows with excitement and adventure. It brings people moments of hope and happiness through laughter and unexpected surprises. But beneath the glittering facade, there is often a darker side to the circus that reflects the harsh reality of our society.“

La Strada, follows the story of an innocently naive, kind and extremely pure-hearted woman Gelsomina who, with her family’s agreement, is taken away by a brutish traveling circus performer Zampano. The narration explores their tumultuous relationship as they tour through Italy, focusing primarily on Zampano’s growing emotions and the impact Gelsomina has on him.

Human destiny is intricately woven from the fabric of our being, a trinity of body, mind, and soul. Our existence is a triangular interplay: the body encompasses our physical appearance and capabilities; the mind governs our intellect and emotional intelligence, and the soul resides within our hearts, guiding our emotions. It is through the delicate balance of these three facets that we navigate our destiny.

In a metaphorical sense, these elements can be likened to the central characters in our story. Zampano personifies the body, representing our physicality, Matto embodies the intellect, and Gelsomina symbolises the soul. When these three characters, in their profound disagreement, converge, they unfurl the tapestry of this tragic tale.

Another layer of La Strada, the tragic demise of Gelsomina, serves as a poignant catalyst, unlocking the depths of Zampano’s heart and revealing that he actually loved for her. Through this heart-wrenching loss, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery, coming to terms with his own vulnerabilities and the transformative power of love. La Strada turns into a tale of profound emotional exploration and revelation as Zampano grapples with the profound impact Gelsomina had on his life.

La Strada is a touching and tragic story of love, hardship, and personal transformation.