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Don’t know your ways? Buy two graves!

Don't know your ways? Buy two graves!Choreography: Marek Svobodník

Direction and choreography: Marek Svobodník
Music: Josef Suk (Serenade for Strings in E flat major, Op. 6)
Stage set: Petr Siedlaczek
Costumes: Pavel Knolle
Light design: Karel Šimek
Assistant choreography: Igor Vejsada
Dance performance: 9 dancers
Duration: 30 minutes

Premiere: 22nd November 2020, 19:00, Vinohrady Theatre Prague (online stream 4th December 2020, 18:00,

Dark slapstick comedy with a detective plot, loosely based on a story by Agatha Christie. The gentle music of Suk’s Serenade in E flat major underlines a bitter story of a wealthy family whose eldest member suddenly dies. It would all be “fine” if only it were not a murder. The story is also a satirical sketch of family disputes in which the grief over the loss of a beloved person is quickly replaced by a mutual grudge, suspicions and, most importantly, the desire to inherit property.