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Prague Chamber Ballet on tour in Hungary and Turkey

Prague Chamber Ballet, the biggest Czech independent dance company, did two tours in April. On the tour in Hungary and Turkey, the company presented its most recent combined program Intimate Clouds. The show features two parts prepared by two choreographers – the first one is Intimate Letters by the acknowledged choreographer Petr Zuska, and the other one is Jiří Pokorný’s Black Clouds Don’t Cry. Thus, one evening presents works full of strong emotions and visual perceptions. The dancers were accompanied by the Zemlinsky Quartet.

The first stop in April journeys was Hungary, where the Prague Chamber Ballet performed at the 10th Theatre Olympics 2023. The company’s work is associated with the Székesfehervári Ballet Színház, which made it possible to perform with live music by Zemlinsky Quartet on 4 April 2023 at the Vörösmarty Theatre in Szekesfehervár. Another show took place on 6 April 2023 at the Eötvös 10 Culture Center in Budapest. It was possible to present both shows thanks to cooperation with the Czech Center in Budapest and financial support from the Ministry of Culture.

The mid-April saw Prague Chamber Ballet fly to Turkey, where it performed together with the Zemlinsky Quartet in the main program of the 37th International Music Festival in Ankara on 18 April 2023. The company danced one day before at a matinée at the Czech Embassy in the Turkey capital. Another performance took place on 20 April 2023 at the Mezitli Mersin Cultural Center. All shows were held in cooperation with the Czech Embassy in Turkey and with financial support from the National Recovery Plan.

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