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In the Mists (1st part)

50 let PKB - Stavovské divadlo Praha 16.11.2014Music: Leoš Janáček
Choreography: Petr Zuska
Costume designer: Roman Šolc
Light design: Petr Zuska
Staging: Veronika Iblová
Premiere: 1. 12. 1996
Duration: 3 minutes

„It has been almost twenty years since the first premier of this work. Originally it was also choreographed for two female dancers but lasted more than twenty minutes. Todays shorter version, which shows only the first movement from Janáček’s „Mists“, gives more of an essence of the original composition. Never the less the core subject matter and the intentions are the same. It is the internal fight inside each of us, the conflict between mind and emotions, between the brain and the heart… Or if you prefer, the conflict between the person you dream of being and the person you actually are.“ Petr Zuska 2014